What is Cancer Cuts?

We offer a complimentary Non-profit photo shoot that includes cosmetic services. Creative Beauty donates this experience to individuals working through the different stages of their Cancer. The unique experience to make the process of losing hair, releasing yourself of losing hair or styling of wigs in ways that you've always wanted to try, is exactly what we strive for. Having the opportunity to showcase the strength and courage it takes to fight in a stylist way.

Services include up to 5 looks (as deemed by guest) your imagination is our limit. Hair/ Makeup and photo session (including a set number of images are on us!) We invite you to inquire within our information section or email creativebeautyseattle@gmail.com for questions and availability. Thank you for allowing us to give back to the community. 


Why are we here?

The above images are of a great friend of ours named Jake and one of his band mates Nick. Jake's ability to laugh through the inevitable lifelong treatment of Hodgkins Lymphoma has made him a catalyst to creating Cancer Cuts. Kim was invited to shave Jake's head before a benefit showcase that he leads "The Goodwives." As a front man Jake naturally has an outgoing and contagious personality. Upon arriving at his house for the cut Kim was informed that we would be taking photos and documenting the event. What she wasn't aware of the impact this event would have on her. What seemed  to be a routine shave and fade quickly turned into a fun level of bells and whistles. She was able to create some ridiculously awesome hairstyles (who hasn't wanted to see what they look like with a mullet, really?!) and make this event in Jake's life a bit more interesting to reflect on. She completed the shoot by utilizing Nick's support of Jake to build a few more styles. 

Fantastical Hipster styling is not for everyone, however each of us have that little spark in our mind of a look we wish we were bold enough to try just once. Take that leap and make a fun memory for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you soon!