What is Creative Beauty and who are the Magicians??

The idea of having an individual vision sprout into a creative level of vision, this has planted the seed for the adventure we have begun. Whether it be the image through the end of a camera lens, the end of a long high fashion runway, the tip of a make-up brush or the outcome of the swipe of a comb; these all encompass beauty. We set the standard to express ourselves through art, high fashion, everyday routine, business meetings or simply living from point A to point B. We urge you to find the Beauty in your everyday!!

The culture that we are creating in Seattle Hair and with Creative Beauty will hit all aspects of daily beauty. We have created a forum for photographers, models, artists, business professionals, industry professionals, newbies and our daily salon guests. You are welcome to ask questions, create ideas and network within this industry.

Ask yourself what you find beautiful and what you can describe as your creative outlet?!

Welcome to Creative Beauty Seattle.


About the owners

  CEO Kim Hicks- Lead Stylist                                   Jeff Roeser- Operations and Events                                                  

  CEO Kim Hicks- Lead Stylist                                   Jeff Roeser- Operations and Events                  




Kim Hicks completed her cosmetology studies at Toni & Guy Hair Academy in Bellingham, Wa. Upon completion she decided to apply in every aspect of the Beauty industry, including occupations in Europe, NYC, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, California etc. After hearing back and making a decision on her top 2, Europe and Seattle made the cut. She ultimately decided on the great NW. A short move, the exposure to Seattle's Hair Industry and several years later she decided that is was time to change Seattle's Hair Culture one head at a time. Thus we have Creative Beauty Seattle! *Intro tip- she is a diehard Packers fan and loves DIY.


Jeff Roeser carries an immense level of customer service and management experience that Creative Beauty was searching for. He utilizes his ability to multitask to our benefit. He is our go to when is comes to adjustments, resets and helpful hands at all onsite events. Baker, Musician, Engineer, smiling face...happy to assist however possible. *Intro tip- He is a dedicated Dad and sports enthusiast. His love for The Mariners lends for an interesting conversation.





Kim Hicks and Belinda Rose

Kim Hicks and Belinda Rose

Creative Beauty offers rotating artists the opportunity to showcase and freelance with us. This wedding season we are excited to have a few local talents join our team:

Belinda Rose    MUA/Stylist

Her work has been featured in screen films, music videos, print ads, blogs and professional photo shoots. "It is my personal mission to make every woman that I meet feel beautiful" 

Kailani Aquiningoc  Stylist

She is our rotating artist traveling from Bellingham, Wa. Kailani comes to us with a strong eye for detail and symmetry. You will see her working closely with the wedding party to create their one of a kind style. She leads with a soft demeanor and open mind to the guests preference. Kailani loves Anime and sculpting hair into unique styles." I focus on comfort and the end result. Creating an experience and lasting feeling of effortless beauty"